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Dream Aquarium Screensaver. The World's Most Advanced Virtual Aquarium. Created by an Academy Award winning visual effects artist,This next-generation virtual aquarium brings the beauty of a lush freshwater aquarium to your screen, complete with gently swaying plants, rippling light effects, and the most realistic fish movement of any  screensaver. Watch as your amazing fish school together, chase each other, peck at object in the tank, or drop in some food and watch the feeding frenzy begin. Our engaging fish have moving eyes, gills, mouth and fully articulated fins.
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100% Computer Generated
Rock Tank
Mossy Tank
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The World's Most Advanced
Virtual Aquarium
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Experience the most realistic virtual aquarium ever designed. This incredible one year activated screensaver will amaze you for hours

  • Feed the Fish
  • Add 30 Different Species of Fish
  • Delete  Fish
  • Choose From (2)  Beautiful Tanks
  • Adjust Ray Lights, Bubbles and Water Sounds, plus much much more.....
  • 100% Guaranteed Satisfaction

$         95